435HP - 457TRQ


Part # P5007647 402 MAGNUM CRATE ENGINE 432 HORSEPOWER 457 Ft. Lbs. Torque Better make sure your taillights are working, because that's all your competition will see when you drop in a Mopar Performance 402 Magnum Crate Engine. This 4.00" Stroker engine generates a whopping 435 Horsepower and 457 Ft. Lbs. of Torque at 4,500 rpm, and will make believers out of everyone in a hurry. The 402 Magnum features big valve Magnum R/T cylinder heads and stainless steel valves. Drop one in and let'er rip. For Maximum Performance, Mopar Performance recommends the use of a 750 cfm Holley Carburetor (Part # P4349228 Or Call BPE For Other Options) and 1 7/8" Exhaust Headers. Specifications: * Built with all - new components * 4.00" Bore / 4.00" Stroke * 9.0:1 Compression Ratio * Big Valve Magnum R/T Cylinder Heads * Distinctive Mopar Performance Cast Aluminum Valve Covers * 2.02" intake and 1.625" exhaust valves * Heavy-Duty Valve Springs * 288/292 duration, 0.501"/0.513" lift Hydraulic Roller Camshaft * Single plane, M1 4-bbl Aluminum Intake Manifold (includes bosses for MPI conversion) taller than stock - check hood clearance * Double Roller Timing Chain and Sprockets * 8-quart center sump street/strip Oil Pan * Mopar Performance Electronic Ignition Kit with distributor * Externally balanced as a Magnum engine, the following components required for proper balancing (Not Included): P5249843 Balance Weight and Positioning Template Package & P5249842 Cast Crank Flywheel * Heavy-Duty Engine Stand and heavy-duty Engine Crate * Does not include accessory brackets Note: Crate engines that change the emissions performance of the vehicle may not be legal for use on vehicles regulated for highway use in California and other states. HorsePower and Torque rating based on test engine. Ratings may vary on individual engines. Not Legal for sale on pollution - controlled vehicles or vehicles registered for highway use.

Price: $6,950.00
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Manufactured by Mopar

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